The Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) is a central hub of research that connects data science fellows with researchers across the UC Berkeley campus. I designed an identity and website that expresses their unique organization, while still following Berkeley's brand guidelines.

I was responsible for all of the content strategy, information architecture, UX, and visual design of the site, working closely with the BIDS team to deliver a site that could grow over time.

Work done while employed by Chapter Three.

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Early (rough!) sketches and concept exploration.
First round of logo design. This included several different conceptual directions.
Second round of logo design, after narrowing things down to two concepts. This included evaluation several type weights.
Final logo design, including an acronym variation of the logo.
Homepage design, which highlights upcoming events, latest news, and videos of recent lectures.
Main landing page for Projects, which can be filtered by major research areas.
A project page, highlighting affiliated project members and related topic tags.
BIDS includes a large roster of research fellows and staff, each with varying research area specialties.
Detail page for a BIDS member
Events include an ongoing lecture series with external speakers, internal social events, and conferences.
The landing page for an event was designed to be clean and easy to digest quickly.
A selection of wireframes, showing some of the common structures of the site.
BIDS site map